28 March 2011

March Madness

I got home yesterday afternoon from a hike, walked in the door, and found Kate running around our living room yelling "BASKET. BALL! BASKET. BALL!" She had a ball in her hands and was screaming with glee, sort-of attempting to dribble it, but more like just throwing it on the ground.

"Kate," I say to her, "you don't even know what basketball is."

She stopped cold. She looked at me with those big blue eyes. She gathered her ball, and turned on her heel. She ran to the kitchen and started pointing to the pantry. "Pease," she said to Kim. "Pease?"

Of course, she wanted a basket ...

... and she promptly cradled the ball and ran around the house for the next 30 minutes or so, screaming and laughing her head off. It was awesome.

Kim's mom sent a new dress -- I have a feeling we're going to be in for it in a few years ...

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